Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Noah and the Great Flood

On Monday night there was a huge lightning storm in Hillcrest. We went to bed listening to the thunder, and thinking nothing of it. Until my father in law woke up at 4am, and stepped out of his room...only to feel "sploosh" under his foot, and then "sploosh" under his second step. Our entire house was under a few inches of water! It came in the kitchen:
Down our huge passage way:
And congregated mainly in our bedroom: (the towels are on the floor where we tried to soak it up!) Our bedroom was under a few inches of water.
Noah's room is right next to ours....but his had no water in it! So he survived the great flood. Now we are just waiting to see if our wooden floors are going to pop up. Yikes.
What would you rather be doing at 4am then mopping your entire house? :) Thankfully nothing was damaged really. The only sad part was that I had just done 7 loads of laundry the day before (I was waiting for a sunny day to air them out). They were dry, and waiting to be folded on my floor...so Monday was spent washing them again!

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HaysHitzeroth said...

Glad Noah survived! :) That sounds like an awful lot of cleanup :( But it sounds like you managed!