Sunday, October 07, 2007


I laughed out loud when I saw this comic....cause its totally what its like in our house. Noah is constantly babbling now...his current favorite word being "aouww-booo," but one day he did say "da da" in his babbles...and Clint was like...."yea! He said dada! :) Say it again Noah...."dada, dada!" Noah responds with "aouuu-bbboooo" :)

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4HMom said...

Okay, this really works -- I have baby Harrison on tape proving it -- tell Clint to get in Noah's face when Noah is really alert and let Noah study Clint's mouth as he slowly says "Da-Da" for him over and over for about 30 seconds to a minute, twice or more a day. Noah will try to mimick it eventually, sometimes as soon as the same day you begin the "project".

And the fun thing is to throw a little competition into the mix, as YOU, Kim, get in Noah's face a couple of times a day to let him study you saying "Ma-ma". See which name he tries first!

In between the demo "ma'ma"s or "da-da"s speak in your normal rhythm with encouraging words, like, "Say it! YOU can say it!. YOU try it, Noah!" His little eyes will focus on your mouth and his little legs will begin to kick and his hands show the excitement of learning something new. It's SUCH a fun time.