Saturday, October 28, 2006

Reformation day

So last night was the Reformation party at our was a massive success. One of the coolest parts for me was having apple cider (I just love the stuff) and watching everyone carve pumpkins for the FIRST time in their lives. Everyone was like...can we carve pumpkins every week? Clint did an awesome message on the reformation...which lead to an awesome Q&A afterwards. Some people who came who weren't Christians couldn't understand that works don't save you, that its grace by faith ALONE that saves. So Clint got to really talk to them about how it is a FREE gift and no matter if you are the best person on the planet, you still deserve eternal punishment cause you have sinned, and it is by believing and trusting in Christ's work on the cross and repenting of your sin that saves you. I think they understood afterwards. What a blessing to be apart of these students lives!! Afterwards we sang "A mighty fortress is our God"

The pumpkin in front won the carving contest....hey we only had 5 pumpkins....but at least we found some to carve considering its Spring here!! It was actually cold enough to have a we lit up our house with just candles and paper lanterns and lights. It looked really cool and kinda spooky!



Kerry Drew said...

Thats sooo cool. I wish i could have been there... I miss all things pumpkin. Will be down next weekend... cant wait to see u guys. hey even though I went to 2 reformation day parties at SCV... i have never carved a pumpkin either... watched... but not touched... So Next year- for sure.
love u's

Kerry Drew said...

P.s I loved your decorations- so spooky

Ben and Melissa James said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I saw your comment on Heather's blog. By the way, there is no magical 12 week mark. Someone must have made it up to fool with us. Also I heard someone say this once, "A man must have invented the term 'morning sickness' because after he leaves for work he doesn't see you sick all day!" I'm praying for you to feel better. I don't know if this helps but during the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy, when I utterly ill, I proclaimed that this was the last one. I'm only 29 weeks now and I think I could do it again. So the feeling does pass and you do forget (even though you think you never will!)Let me know if I can help you with anything (long-distance, of course).

Julie said...

Hi Kim!
I found your blog and have just spent the last two days reading all of it (it took two days only because my kiddos needed me once in a or something like that). :)

Anyway, it has been so good reading up on your life and all God is doing in your church, marriage and ministry. I laughed with you, cried with you (so sorry about Starbucks...when Jonah died, I cried for days!), was shocked with you (your stolen computer) and am now rejoicing with you on the news of your baby! Congratulations!

May God continue to bless you each day as you faithfully serve Him!

Praying for you!
Julie (and Todd too)