Saturday, October 14, 2006


This week Clint's parents took us on a safari game drive to Hluhluwe (pronounced Sha-shlu-ee), about a 3 hour drive from Durban.

Clint and I infront of the "don't get out of the might get eaten!" sign.

Both sets of parents/ in-laws and us! :) The rondovels we stayed in are behind us...they were beautiful!!

One of the "Big Five" animals you wanna see in South Africa...a Rhino!! (the others are Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard). Check this things horn out, its HUGE! It had just gotten out of a nice mud bath...mmm.

Ok, so can you spot it?!? Its a cheetah with its back to us. (right in the middle) There were like 6 cars all looking at this cheetah...they call it a "cat jam" here :) but it was sooooo far that this is the closest my camera could get. But it was still really awesome... Cheetah sightings are really rare!

Zebra crossing (literally)

This is a good perspective of what its like...your in your car and the animals are...well, right there! These our two rhino crossing the road.

More photos next time! :)


HaysHitzeroth said...

That looks like it was so much fun!

Kerry Drew said...

NO WAY.... THAT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR I think i have been going to game parks every holiday since i was like 2 and I have NEVER seen a cheetah in the wild.

So cool... looks like u guys had Fun!!