Monday, October 02, 2006

First scan!

So I had my first "baby Archer" scan today. We've been naming it by its size, so this week it was "baby grape" last week it was "baby rasberry." Your first scan is pretty nerve-wracking cause you never know what they are going to tell you (did the heart stop beating? is it ok?) but it was amazing to actually SEE the baby...and the heartbeat (most of the baby was just a heart beating!!) So now I actually feel like my "morning" (afternoon) sickness isn't just a figment of my imagination. (The head is to the right by the way...the first one always just looks like a blob!!)

My parents arrived safe and sound this week...and my mom actually was there to see my scan today! This is them in front of the "valley of a thousand hills" just a few minutes drive from our house. The view was amazing! My dad got sick this week (with the same flu I got when I first came here, and practically the whole missions team caught while they were here!) but he's starting to feel alot better! Clint's parents are coming down too this week, so it will be the first time all of them have met!! We are all going on a game drive to see African animals at the end of this week.

My parents under "African Thatch"


cynthia said...

contrary to common belief, that is no blob, my friend... that is a child! your child! hooray! praise the Lord!! (looks just like clint.)

HaysHitzeroth said...

That is such a cute little baby Archer grape :)

Amanda said...

Hey there. Congratulations! I know that is late, but I haven't said it yet. I finally figured out how to get back on my blogspot, cause I finally remembered my username and I actually updated it. I miss you guys so much! I wasn't sure if I had your right email address anymore. Let me know. Love you both.

John & Daisy said...

Hey Kim-Kim,

Yes I have been having A LOT of morning sickness and poor Heidi (formerly Thomsen) she is very sick too. I am almost through my first trimester which is great. I will be 12 weeks next week. I will try to put our ultrasound up there. Wasn't it so amazing to hear & see the heart beat! John and I were crying. I have found that eating small amounts all day REALLY helps. Love you, Daisy