Thursday, October 26, 2006


Ok, so our Cornerstone group is gonna have a Reformation Day party tomorrow, and I went looking EVERYWHERE for pumpkins to carve. Considering its spring, and no one really celebrates Halloween, it was a tough search. I finally found 2, but they were 15 dollars each (yikes!!) And then I called around, and it turns out a lady in our congregation had some growing in her backyard!! (They are smaller than normal, and not super orange, but I think it will still work right?) We will find out tomorrow!

I baked 2 pumpkin pies for the one here has ever had a pumpkin pie, or apple cider, so it will be fun for them to try (thanks to the team for bringing out those heavy cans of pumpkin!!!) They don't really look perfect, but it is my first attempt, and they smell good :)

And we had our 2nd scan of the baby yesterday, and saw its arms and legs and heartbeat, it looks more and more like a little baby! :) They did a test by measuring a fold in the back of the neck and said that it is low risk for Downs Syndrome. So "baby Lime" is alive and kicking! We saw it jump a couple of times, it was hilarious!

Clint has been preaching through the book of Ruth, and it has just hit me how amazingly sovereign our God is through everything in life. Here Ruth was a widow, a foreigner, with no hope of re-marrying anyone, and as the text says she "just so happened" to cross Boaz's field and glean there...the only person PERFECT for her who could be her redeemer. The Lord's timing is perfect in our every step, and in every decision we make He guides our steps. Our God is the best!!

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John & Daisy said...

Great job on the pies. I am sure they will be delicious. I never thought about the seasons being so different! It's really neat that you get to share some new things with your group like apple cider & pumpkin pies :) I know, isn't that scan amazing! I can't believe how close we are in dates! Praise the Lord for His goodness to you both. Love you.