Saturday, November 04, 2006

Medical mystery


Clint was so cute, he went grocery shopping for me (and he HATES grocery shopping!) cause I was feeling super "preggy" sick! I love it when you give guys a grocery list, they usually come back with like 3-5 items missing, and 1 or 2 that are not QUITE right (like he got regular milk instead of whipping cream, and the green pepper "just wasn't quite available" at the grocery store today...hmm, REALLY?!?) But I love him to bits for at least trying. I'm still mystified as to why this seems to happen with ALL men though.

So I was reading online that "morning sickness" is a medical mystery. Doctors still have NO IDEA what causes it. I thought maybe if I could find the cause, I could somehow find a better cure, but no such luck! They tell you it subsides at week 12, but I think they just tell you that to give you false hope. Week 13 going on 14, and its funny how I know where the drains in the mall are, or where most sinks are located in any given house or store. :) Clint says its a medical mystery cause its caused by the curse in Genesis! I wholeheartedly agree. I wonder what pregnancy would have been like before the curse?!?!? So morning sickness causes me to think alot about my sinfulness. It would be soo cool that if when you became a Christian, the curse just POOF! left you!! nuts. Or even cooler. That "poof!" all your sin would just VANISH!! nuts. But we learn about the Lord in our confession to Him, and in our becoming more like Him!!

I've been craving bagels with cream cheese like crazy, and I've never seen a bagel here. I think I might try to make one from scratch (did you know you BOIL them? I had no idea!!)


HaysHitzeroth said...

I've been craving bagels with cream cheese too! but particularly Western Bagels which they do not have here. I made bagels once. It was a super easy recipe and really kind of fun to do. And they turned out tasting good...they just looked a bit funny :)

cynthia said...

if my dad ever went to the store for my mom, he'd always come home with chocolate pudding cups or cocoa crispies. :)
yes, even though "around" 12-13 weeks it's supposed to "taper off" it can still come in waves at any time so always have your baggie of crackers (or whatever you like) with you. one lady in my old Bible study that was pregnant at the same time as me had some townhouse crackers (you know those really buttery ones?), and just the sight of them made me want to run for the "drain." my old ob/gyn said that pregnancy symptoms are innumerable. gee, thanks! :) anyway, hang in there! :)

Sarah! said...

Hi, Kim!
Man, I have scarcely written you since your good news. But I wanted you to know that I've been praying for you nearly every day. Your friend Cynthia already said this, but I wanted you to know that I was sick on and off through-out the day (not just morning)until the end of the 4th month. And then after that just every once in awhile at random times. But I had things pretty easy the whole way through, so I sometimes feel bad giving my "two cents". Anyway...hang in there, girl. Want me to mail you some bruegger's bagels??? I will -- honest!! Just give me the word.
Love, Sarah