Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little House

Noah and Autumn have the best time playing in their little "tent house." Well, you can see by the colors that it's Autumn's house, but Noah will play along. Yesterday they played for 2 hours straight, , I didn't even need to interrupt them to remind them to be kind etc.

The first game they played was called "coffee shop" where they'd take turns making "cuppachinos." Then it would be too hot, or too cold, or need sugar and they'd "fix" it and pretend to drink.
Then the next game was "birthday party" where Autumn would make a "pink princeness" cake for her and "a blue one for Noah, cause he's a boy" and then offer me some pink one "cause I'm a girl." I think Autumn sang happy birthday like 20 times.
Then the last game was "go to sleep, OK?" where they'd take turns lying on a blanket on the floor of the tent, while the other one would go out of the tent and say "It's sleepy time, no waking up" and then "It's wake up time!" Followed by lots of giggles. Later that night I saw Noah give Autumn a hug (which is a very rare thing) and then he told Clint during family worship that he was thankful that we pray for him to love Autumn cause God has changed his heart. This really really was an answer to prayer, cause he usually tries to find ways to annoy her, and this last week they really have been laughing and having a good time together, and he noticed our answered prayer.

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Elizabeth said...

Praise the Lord for that Kim! What a joy. Emma LOVES singing happy birthday too. She goes through the entire family, AND extended family too.