Saturday, May 28, 2011

Noah's 4th Birthday

My little guy is all grown up and FOUR! I really can't believe it! He wanted a bulldozer birthday (we pass bulldozers building every day in Hillcrest) so I created an invitation for him with bulldozers and dump trucks, and all things construction:

He was SO excited to wear his hard hat so everyone could see
All the decorations :) My favorite phrase on the cupcake toppers was "I dig being four!"
Me and my little guy
I saw an idea online to do a obstacle course made out of stuff lying around in your garage. Well Clint's a pastor, so we don't really have that kind of stuff, but our friend Duncan does, when I saw the big orange cones in his garage I think I literally jumped up and down cause they were just so big and PERFECT! Noah got WAY into the course, and liked showing all his friends how to do it.
We also did a bean bag toss into the bulldozer, which the kids did over and over again with lots of laughter

The girls were a bit shy to do the course (around the cones, walk a plank, through the box, over some tires, around some cones again, and over the yellow planks) but they finally got into it too.
We also filled a wheelbarrow full of real dirt and put a bunch of toy cars/dumptrucks in it. The "real dirt" aspect was pretty cool for Noah.
Kerry and Cait were GREAT helping me with games and making it so exciting for even the girls

For the cake this year I had lots of toys that worked, so we made "dirt" out of crushed cookies, and this cake recipe (oh my, it was sooooo good) thanks to Martha Stewart
Everyone singing happy birthday
Can you tell he's excited to eat that cake?
Family pic opp :)
And two weeks later, Noah got ANOTHER party at his Granny/Grandpa's place in Pretoria. They made cupcakes with toolbelts and icing tools that really go in and out (aren't they cute?!) Noah was really spoiled to have 2 parties and had fun with his cousin and grandparents & anties & uncles!


Jeremy, Meg, Connor, Katie & Kara said...

Wow! Love all your creative ideas and keeping up with what God's doing in your life. Congrats on baby3 on the way, so exciting! ~Meg (from all of us)

Heather said...

So creative and awesome! Can't believe our kiddos are 4!!!!