Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day....on Monday

So we normally don't really celebrate Mother's day on a Sunday, cause it's Clint's major work day of the week, so we go out on his day off, on Monday. I just took a couple of pics of our kiddos in our new car (we got a Hyundai Tucson so it can fit baby boy in a few months time). It's SO great having more room!

We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Bellview, the food seems a little more American to me. Like they have fun salads with really yummy dressing (most salads here are tomatoes, salad, feta and cucumber, with no dressing, or mayo). And this place has ones with actual dressing, and fun things in it. :)
Me with my kiddos, they were really SO well behaved, Clint and I got to have some uninterrupted chats, which was so fun.
When the waiter came, Autumn said "I'd like a cappuccino please" it was so cute. She got a milkshake, but said "look mommy I'm drinking my cappuccino!"
SOOO Thankful for my husband and my kids, we had such a fun family day out!

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