Thursday, June 02, 2011

Little Things

Now that we have another baby coming Noah and Autumn seem so OLD. I'm teaching Noah how to read, and he's getting the hang of it, and in only 18 months time he'll be in Grade R (Kindergarten! AHHHH!) So I'm holding on to the "little moments." Latley I've gotten nostalgic while packing away girl baby clothes and pulling out boy baby clothes for baby #3. But I was reminded the other day that they are still SO little, and have things about them that I'm sure they will give up pretty soon. Noah still LOVES his giraffe, and after his nap he'll come out holding it with his little blanket he's had since he was born. He loves giraffe so much he often asks if he can take it to heaven, and tells me he loves how soft it is. I keep wondering when this stage will go, but I just love it.

And if he get's sad about something he'll ask if he can cuddle with giraffe.
Autumn will wake up from her nap with her "dummy dummy" (South Africans call it that name, it still sounds funny to me!) But she's so cute and will laugh when I ask her if we can put it away. She's really only allowed to sleep with it.
It will be a sad day when she gives it up I think. She'll wake up making little sounds with it that sound like "lal, lal, lal" and it's really cute. She seems still baby when she has it. :)

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