Monday, May 09, 2011


I haven't blogged about this....but my kids have been roomies for about 4 months now! Once Autumn needed a big girl bed we moved them into bunks so that we could make her room the nursery for the baby. We got the bed just plain pine, and had it painted, and painted the room a cheery blue that wasn't too boy or too girl.
Under Autumn's bed is a shelf where she keeps all of her very special toys, I'm still looking for cute baskets that will fit, but she will play in her little "house" all by herself and I can often hear her talking to her babies, "shhh, go to sleep now" or "are you thirsty? Here's your milk" or whatever. It's super cute!
On the otherside I put all of their books and Noah's toys, and his toys are under the bed in baskets too. I tried to make a "girl space" and a "boy space"
Noah LOVES sleeping at the top, and in general....hates to "be alone" so he's very happy to have Autumn with him. I thought this would be a rough transition since he HATES pink (he really does) but when I moved her in he was excited. You can see in this pic he's got a bit of a "squint" cause he's not wearing his glasses before bedtime. I'm still working on getting bedding I like for him!
Autumn LOVES this little girl "princess" pillow and won't sleep on her normal pillow but sleeps ON the decorative princess one. So I put her normal one right next to her so she doesn't fall out :)
Noah still sleeps with his giraffe. He loves it SO much that he often asks me why he can't take it to heaven, he gives it big hugs and says "it's just so soft and I love him SO much"
Autumn will sleep with whatever doll fancies her the most for the day. It's usually Ariel though :)
I just spent the last two weeks shuffling everything around and moving all of Noah's old clothes into the baby's room to prepare for baby boy. Now I've got to make the room more "boy!"


Heather said...

Love your decorating and I'm glad the transition went smoothly!! Your kids are super adorable! Wish we lived closer.

Amanda said...

That's so cute, Kim! The first pic especially looks like it could be in a magazine! You're such a good photographer. :)