Thursday, August 06, 2009

Friends & Fam

When people ask what I miss about LA, my usual response is "family and friends." And its totally true. Everything else is "replaceable" but relationships with people really aren't! There were so many people we wanted to see and didn't even get to see them all! But here are a few photos from our trip to LA....

Noah got to hang out with the Niednagel kids and Kali May while we got to hang out with thier parents!

It was so fun seeing Heather the day before she moved to Washington, we caught her just in time!
I spent a morning hanging out with Merilly and Noah and Adeline got to paint. Now Noah is addicted to painting and paints almost every morning with me at home.

Marietjie came down for a whole weekend and hung out with us, it was very special to have her fly down just to see us!
Mariejtie always has thought provoking things to say, Autumn contemplating them :)

We got some sunglasses for Noah while in LA, which he is now inseperable from.
Madison Johnson turned the big 1 while we were there, it was so fun meeting her little face in person!

Plaza fellowship at Grace was great fun seeing old friends
I love how small Autumn looks with tall Andrew!
It was fun seeing "married" Vicky and Andrew!
And my whole family came to meet little miss Autumn. Autumn with her great Aunt and first girl cousin (once removed!)
The boy cousins
great aunts uncles and cousins!
and the "4 generation" photo, although this is my dads mom it still works!

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