Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Questions

Every day Noah asks to listen to the"Wheels on the Bus" "Sicka" (what he says for music) and he finds every circle in the house imaginable and rides his bike along to the music. I think I've heard this song over 1000 times, but I still find it cute.
Autumn watches him go round and round with great interest
Isn't it funny how all kids find the "circle" in every house?
Noah also finds a way to ask to use a "screwdriber" every day. If a battery is dead he says "oh, get screwdriber!" Today he helped daddy fix something on the wall, and was so excited to use one for real.

And every day when Autumn wakes up from her morning nap he'll ask to climb up to wish her good morning. And he'll say "Nuh nuh's awake! Noah climbs, hi Nuh nuh!"


The Mom said...

That's too cute! Alicia loves that same song, only she sings "...all the way to church..." instead of "...all through the town...". I think they must sing it that way in her Sunday school class :o)

Jeremy, Meg, Connor & Katie said...

Hey Clint & Kim! We enjoy following your life on the blog. Just sad we missed your visit to the states. I love what Naoh's doing. A lot of the same things as Connor "sic" is music, and loves wheels on the bus and "if you're happy" and the screwdriver is the all time favorite "help Daddy" toy. So fun! Your girl is adorable too. She's doing so much! You must keep quite busy =)