Thursday, August 06, 2009

5 months!

Autumn is now 5 months and brings us joy every day! She loves to cuddle with anything soft (unlike her brother, she's a girl for sure!)

You'll always find her on her tummy. She immediately rolls to her tummy even if I put her under a mobile!
Her favorite food are carrots, sorry no smile here, but she smiles alot when she eats!
She rolls off her blanket every day onto the cold hard wood floors. She rolls over and over and has started "schooching" backwards a bit.
My favorite time with her is bathtime, I get the best smiles from her, and Noah likes to rub soap on her tummy and in her hair which makes her laugh.

She loves watching her brother's cars go round and round
Two shots from my "5 month" photo shoot, which was in the states!

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