Friday, July 31, 2009

Play date

Sara and I had our daughters the same exact week! So I was excited to meet little miss Kali May and have some girly time. It was fun having a "play date" with Kali May and Autumn, and so fun to catch up with Sara....
Sara & Kali May

Autumn showed Kali May how fun it was to roll over, and right after we left that afternoon, Kali May decided to try it for herself!
Sara and I joining the girls for some fun
We had fun doing a "photo shoot" with our girls (just with a black quilt behind them!)

Autumn decided not to smile at all, but I got one from Kali May!
And Autumn got to play in Kali May's awesome toy, I've never seen anything like it in Africa! :) She loved the flipping frog the best!

I love catching up with friends and seeing how they've grown in the Lord and how their families have grown too. Although it makes me miss LA quite a lot that I don't get to hear about every day experiences, but we've got thousands of years in heaven for that I guess!

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