Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Spring is here

When we moved into our house a bunch of people from our church gave us pots with plants in them for our yard, and I just randomly planted them having no idea what they were. (Our apartment in the states didn't even have a patio, and the church's house was just to big to plant anything around it, so I'm basically clueless when it comes to plants). So its a surprise every day to discover what these plants actually are now that its raining. By my front porch this "Easter Lily" appeared, even though its no where near Easter...but it is Spring (it still baffles me this whole switch of season thing in the southern hemisphere).

And Noah helped me plant some flowers in my pots on our patio today. The rain finally stopped enough for us to plant them.

He had fun moving the dirt from the big pot into the little pot with his beach spade.
And then just poked at the flowers with his spade pointing at each flower and then looking at me as if to say "look what we did mommy!"


Melissa said...

aww those pictures of him planting are so cute!

Lisa said...

Yea Spring! I love Spring. That Calla Lily is gorgeous - and so is the picture of it! Calla's tend to come up and stay up pretty early. I even get them blooming in the late winter!

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

that smile of his melts me every time!!! :)