Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Reformation Day

Last year I was SOOO excited to find REAL orange pumpkins to take photos with Noah and carve with. This year, I went on a pumpkin hunt, but was unsuccessful. I only found squatty green ones, but I still carved one! I love Autumn and pumpkins and Reformation day and dressing up, its just too fun. I was super super sad to not find real pumpkins, and then Clint gave me a reality check and was like...."really? your sad cause you can't find ORANGE pumpkins?!?" And then I realized it didn't really matter. I can't take Noah to a pumpkin patch or anything fun like that, they just don't exist... so I dressed him up the same as last year just for fun. I can't believe looking at these photos how much Noah has grown in a year! Last year I had to prop him up against the pumpkins, and this year he was taking off his costume before I could even snap a photo! :)

Last year:

This year trying to take off the costume....

I love this little sweet smile

It was the perfect "fall" day to take photos, all warm and snuggly! (Even though its spring here!)

Something cracked him up!


Amanda said...

Oh my...he is just so CUTE!!!

Pascall Photography said...

lovely photos - those are big pumpkins! cheers

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

seriously, that kid of yours is too cute! I showed his pic to my husband and he said "instead of having our own can we just have him?" ha! :)