Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's raining its pouring

I think its been raining for 3 weeks straight. Noah and I usually go on daily walks outside so he can toddle around and look at all the doggies in our complex. It's been so cold and windy, the only day that seemed just cloudy we went for a walk. After not even getting out of our driveway Noah signed "all done!" It's just not fun walking in the cold wind.

So last Monday we headed for a restaurant with an indoor park. Noah loved it!

I love his face sliding down the slide:

Help! I'm too short to drive!

Noah started a peek a boo game with Daddy that he thought was hilarious

Hanging out in the clubhouse

More peek a boo

And they gave Noah a balloon! (Which he just thought was the best!)

We had a fun afternoon and Noah got all his outdoor energy out, and crashed for a almost three hour nap....whew! :)


Melissa said...

i love his sweater in the top picture. so cute!
how are you feeling? you should post some bump/preggo pictures :)

Heather said...

i was just going to say that I love his sweater :)

I remember days of endless rain in Washington. It was like you had to take any cloudy windy day to get your exercise in :)