Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God made dirt

And dirt don't hurt. But why oh why does it take so long to get rid of all the dirt?!? With a one year old I feel like my house is never really clean!

For example, today I was cleaning the windows and I let Noah explore the yard. He loves this...chasing Tobi our cat, crawling around finding rocks to throw. Today as I was polishing the last window I looked over my shoulder and he had found a mud patch (thanks to the rain last night) and was tossing dirt in the air with such glee. Feet covered, hands, face, clothes, everything with dirt. I let him have a bit more fun since he was already filthy.....

And off to the bath we went...
Very proud of the dirty face
Aww, do I have to get clean?Squeaky clean! Noah always throws his rubber duck over the edge of the bath
And then looks forlornly after it, and often says "please" for it. This happens 50X during the bath

Where DOES the water go mom?
So after making my windows clean....I now have a ring in my bath, muddy clothes, and a muddy bathroom. See how the cycle continues? But oh how I love our little boy. How would he be a little boy without loving mud? :)


Melissa said...

the forlorn look on his face is priceless!

The Mom said...

Ha! That's so great, Alicia does the same thing with her ducky, only it's a very funny game to her. She throws it over, kinda giggles and says "Ohhh Noooo!". And like Noah, it happens probably nearly 50 times! :o)

I'm sorry you're still feeling sick every now and then, car rides always do me in too! I'll be praying for you in the times when I'm feeling gross, praying that you will soon be beyond this point. But, I must agree with's fun to know that both of our kids will be so close in age :o) Maybe you'll have a girl this time and I'll have a boy! Fun!