Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Steps!

Noah took his first steps today!! (besides the 2-3 he's been taking between furniture!) He took 6 steps holding his new big ball, and then all by himself took 6-7 steps between me and Clint! I've been watching my friends 9 month old walk, and eyeing other 15 month olds walking with their mini carts down the isles at the store, while Noah is just chilling sitting in his cart taking in the world. But I'm about to have a toddler. :)

Sorry no video of it, I got out the video camera which Noah hadn't seen in a while, and he started crying instead of walking cause he wanted to touch it, and I wouldn't let him :) So I'll try later!


Sara Mallon said...

wow!! congratulations on toddlerhood :) this means more trouble for you, right? :)

Sarah! said...

Congratulations, Noah!!!
Welcome to the world of the walking (-: -- it's ped-tacular!