Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Duck, duck.....goose

The last sign you come to before turning onto our street says "Crinkly Bottom" "Catering, Weddings, Accommodation." I always thought it was funny while giving directions to our house saying "look for the sign that says "crinkly bottom." :) Last Saturday we decided to see what all the fuss was about, and have a meal there.

It was awesome cause their restaurant is around a lake with a bunch of ducks & geese. Clint and I shared a great snack while Noah watched the ducks.
Noah kept smiling at them, and turning around with a face that said "this is just the best mom!"

The coolest duck ever never came near us, he was too cool for that.
Teaching Noah that the bread was for the ducks, and not for him, was a funny feat.
Noah saying "duck duck"

We kept having to pull him away from the geese, those things are scary. One would come wiggling its throat as if to say..."give me those little boy fingers, moo haa haa!"

I think I've become a fan of the "crinkly bottom" after all :)

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