Friday, April 18, 2008

Team Resolved

Lyle, Clint, Warren, Jennifer, Vicky, Kim, Liz and Kerry
Our "team photo"

After Cornerstone last night we realized that those who stayed late to chat were all going to Resolved! It totally feels like we are a missions team, but instead of ministering to people, we are going to get ministered to. And instead of going to a foreign country, I'm going...home. And instead of all flying together on the same flight, we are taking different flights, on different days. But we all have the same destination in mind....the Resolved Conference. It's so awesome to have the "South African" world and the "LA" world collide. I love it. I've been on 7 different missions trips, but this one might be one of the coolest. :)


Melissa said...

hooray! i'm so glad you're coming!!

Sara Mallon said...


justin said...

HEY!!!!! ITS JUSTIN!!! glad to see that you guys are coming to LA!!!!! HOW EXCITING! nice pictures btw!! see u in a few months!