Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This last Monday was rainy and brisk. I usually wake up on Mondays rather miserable if the weather is bad because its the one day we usually go out, or do fun work on our new house cause its Clint's "unplugged" day after preaching sermons on Sun. Winter is definitely in the air, and it was freezing cold rain. But despite what I thought would be a miserable Monday, it was awesome. We all stayed in our PJ pants, and put on warm sweatshirts, listened to the rain, had a million cups of coffee, I finally got to read my new book (Heaven at Home by Ginger Plowman, good so far) and we chatted forever and played with Noah tons. It was such a fun day at home. We dressed all warm and cozy and watched the rain on the patio. Noah is miz in this photo cause he couldn't touch the rainy patio...

And after Noah's afternoon nap, the sky finally cleared, so we went to the nursery to figure out what we are going to do with the front of our house (It was just a giant walkway of mud), and looked at cool paving stones and plants. It was that awesome time of day where the sun is all golden, but the clouds are still deep grey, and walking through the nursery with Noah all bundled up, it made me feel like we were shopping for Christmas trees. I kept thinking they would be around the corner. But once again, its winter time when its supposed to be summer. I still can't get over it. :) It is the weirdest part about living here for me. I know, I know, its silly. But its just so weird.

And don't you just love baby winter clothes? It just makes you want to snuggle with them. I think I gave Noah a million hugs today.

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