Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So I've been gardening lately removing all the ugly rocks and stuff from our front entrance, and was planting these guys that will turn into a little hedge for a flower garden...

When I ran into this scary guy....we call him "scary bat spider". He's so creepy looking, and i have no idea if he's harmless, but we still stay clear of him! The rainstorm washed him away yesterday, thank goodness. I like how his back looks like an American flag. :)

Clint and I kind of like it when there is load shedding, and the lights are out for a few hours. It can be annoying sometimes, but it makes you slow down and not be distracted by everything going on around you. A few nights ago the lights were out at around 9:30pm, and I walked outside and saw this awesome view. With the lights out in our neighborhood, but the lights on in the city, they made the clouds glow sooo bright, and the stars were super bright too. You can even see some in the photo if you look closely.
Noah's got these dino pj's that Stephanie Niednagel gave us that her boys had worn, they just started fitting Noah, and the other night the lights went out again...and I noticed they were glow in the dark dinos on his pj's! The dino's glow super bright. Its so cute. The perfect pj's for loadshedding nights. When the lights go out, I still know where Noah is! He loves loves loves to pet Tobi...and since she was sleeping she finally let him just before he went to sleep.

We had Noah's friend Kristy and her parents over for dinner the other night. Kristy is a few months older than Noah, and can walk around. Clint and I cracked up every time we saw her walk into the seemed so unreal! I can't believe Noah will be toddling around soon. Its funny how baby's "play" together, but not really. They look at each other, poke each other, and then play with toys side by side, but they don't really interact yet. They are good friends in the cry room every Sunday, along with Taine, a few months younger than Noah.


Melissa said...

you're so brave to garden. i hate not knowing what worms and bugs lie just underneath the surface. {shudder}
that picture with the view is beautiful!
noah is so cute. and i know what you mean about babies not playing together. him and georgie have been getting together and they basically just chase each other around or steal each other's toys. it's pretty funny to watch. i too cant believe they will be walking soon, all of them. they'll be so big!
hey are you bringing noah to resolved? which hotel are you staying in? i made my reservation at the courtyard and they said only 2 people were allowed in the room. but that seems weird and now i wonder if i can bring cael or not.

Emily Ban said...

That spider is soooo scary!! I have never seen anything like it before. Forget that, I'm never ever setting foot in South Africa!! ; )

I love Noah's expression in the last pic. What a cutie! And, I know what you mean about the walking thing. It will be very surreal when Sam is actually walking around.

Donovan said...

The spider is a Kite Spider... If they're poisonous at all, they're not very poisonous... : )