Tuesday, April 08, 2008

11 Months Old!

Before I start blogging I just have to say technology is amazing. I'm sitting here in the dark, cause our electricity is off (it is off every week from 8-10am on MWF and 6-8pm TTHSat) and I can still go on the Internet. It would be more helpful if I could still cook dinner....I'm starving. :)

11 Months
In less then one month our baby will be a year! I can't believe it!

These two photos were taken only a few frames apart, and it totally describes a 11 month old to me.....

A baby

Becoming a silly kid! :)

Baby toys are now no longer desirable by this little guy. As soon as I put him down he's off and crawling to more interesting things, like opening and closing doors, pulling Tobi's tail, touching my guitar, and he can spot a cell phone, or a dvd player or laptop from across the room, and does his "missile lock crawl" towards it. He's quite sensitive cause when I say "don't touch" he usually turns around, sits on his bum, and cries. He obeys me quite easily, but now we are working on the "happy heart" part of obedience. It's hard training such a little guy. I actually am so surprised with the wealth of Christian books out there that talk about parenting, there seems to be a lack of books on parenting children who can't speak yet! So I'm so grateful for other moms! :)
Just a few days ago I was hanging curtains up on a ladder, and saw Noah going towards the fan, a definite no no. I said "don't touch" from across the room, and he cried for a minute, and then crawled the other way. It was such a picture for me of repentance. Going towards sin, but turning around and going the opposite way toward righteousness. It was so cool, I didn't have to get down off the ladder even! It was awesome to see the rewards of discipline.
At 11 months he can understand small commands like "come here" "pat your toy" "go get dad, tobi," "shake the ball" "don't touch" etc. It's so fun to see him understanding things. I've tried teaching him signs, but he does the sign for "milk" for everything, even when he has a dirty diaper, he says signs "milk." It's still helpful cause we know he's trying to communicate something. I think I need to be more consistent with my signs.
This morning George Bush was on the news, and he all of a sudden started waving to Bush, the whole entire time Bush gave his speech, Noah waved at him. I guess he knows he's American :)


Drew & Erica said...

One plus of the power outage: if you make dinner early enough on TThSa, you can have a romantic candellit dinner while the power's out!

Mommy Roth said...

Okay, I think Noah is one of the most handsome little guys I have ever seen. That shouldn't surprise anyone though because he has beautiful parents inside and out. It is a joy to see you and Clint and little Noah loving and serving our Lord together. I wish we could come visit!!!
We love you,
Elizabeth Roth and Family

pandy said...

A good site for help with training little ones is www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com
I don't agree with EVERYTHING on the site necessarily, but it has been such a great help to me, and I do agree with most of it, at least in principle. (Just a disclaimer, since a lot of what you read there comes across as different from how we're taught to train our kids.)

Amanda said...

Aw...I was going to say that the pic with Noah and Clint at the top was so cute...but then I wanted to say that about all of them! I feel like I haven't talked to you in a long time, and I really miss you guys. I am so glad that you are coming to Resolved!

Melissa said...

wow that's crazy that they cut your power so consistently! and yet thankfully you have the internet.
what can i say except noah is a cutie! with so many teeth! cael is working on his 4th one only. that's so cute that he waved at bush during his speech. one american in the making!

Heather said...

He is the cutest 11 month old ever. Any plans for a 1st birthday party? Georgie's will be the first day of Resolved so I have a feeling we'll be postponing the party until later. :)

p.s. Matt and I have been so worried that the 'gap' in between georgie's two front teeth is not normal. I'm glad to see Noah has it too. I guess all babies have it! lol. We call Georgie's - "hippo toothies"

Anonymous said...

Just American? What about his South African blood?

The Mom said...

He's so cute! I wish I could meet him, maybe when you're here for Resolved!