Saturday, April 05, 2008

Picket fence

"Isn't it ironic, don't you think? Its like when you have to pay for grocery bags, but the black trash bags are free." It's often what I think when I go to the grocery store and I'm just about to pay when the checkout lady is like "would you like some packets?" In SA they don't give em out, you have to pay per grocery bag. I always forget to bring the millions of bags I already have, so I always end up buying the plastic bags for my groceries. And because they charge per bag, they always STUFF them FULL of groceries, so that they are way to heavy to carry, and your bread is usually mushy by the time you get home :) BUT, ironically, they deliver, to your door (I kid you not) black plastic bags for your big trash cans. Delivered, and free by the government!

This is a photo of our "ocean view" from sitting on our patio. The city is Umhlanga, I think. I know its tiny, and we wish we could cut down all those trees! But I still love it.

Clint just built a picket fence around our patio, which I love! Its like a gigantic playpen for Noah, and it keeps our dog Spurgeon off the patio so that Noah can play without slobber and mud everywhere. It awesome cause there is quite a drop from the patio to the grass, so I'd always be very leery of Noah falling off, but now it's great cause he loves to pull himself up and look around.

Trying to get Tobi

Crawling lightning fast!

Looking at Spurgeon our dog

The view of the horses next door from our patio. There are 4 of them and they are so pretty. I can't wait till Noah sees them! I keep telling him "look at the horsies!" but he doesn't understand yet.

And Spurgeons favorite new game is to drop the ball right where Noah is so that I will throw it. Noah laughs when Spurgeon comes, but then gets this perturbed look on his face when he drops the ball, its quite funny.

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Melissa said...

wow i love your view. love love love it! and that picket fence and those pictures are priceless. i would forget my grocery bags too. i have these bags for costco and am always forgetting them-even if they're in the car. so annoying! i know that feeling of forgetting them. i love your new house. so pretty. and how you decorated it. you must really be enjoying it!!