Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This Saturday we watched the rugby game...South Africa vs Tonga. Well....considering I still compare the rules of American football to rugby...I was glad to have all my SA friends around me to explain the rules. SA doesn't have the sports I'm used to watching (basketball, baseball or American football) but as it turns out America actually has a rugby team! They aren't very good, but hey...I'd like to see a South African play baseball. One of the most frequent questions I get is "Why do you Americans call it the WORLD series when they don't play anyone else in the world?"

Watching the game

By the braai...and dropping Rachel!

Well, I guess Noah is truly South African cause he couldn't take his eyes off the Rugby! I would call his name, and he would look at me for a second, but eyes straight back on the rugby! In fact, Jen was holding him, and he watched it through the mirror behind her too! He is truly a boy:

Jen & Cait with Noah :) awwww

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