Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Light of the World

"You are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden"
In Hillcrest the electricity goes out in our house (and our church) about 2x a month. Either due to rolling blackouts, or the construction next door to us, and it always goes out at 5pm...just as it gets dark! Its never gone out on a Sunday evening in the history of our church...but this Sunday was the exception. I totally thought no one would show up....but we had an awesome "emergent" candle/gas lit service! The lights came on just as Clint was finishing his sermon. I was thinking during the sermon how most of the universal church (church through all the ages) had evening services just like ours....lit by candles! Our church has also just started going to two services...and the transition has been pretty smooth. Unlike my home church Grace....the first service is the most popular! (8:30am)
So a lady called our church this morning asking the typical questions that I would ask if I was looking for a church (Do you believe in the innerancy of Scripture? Do you believe in a literal 6 day creation? If the Bible seems to contradict itself, how do you answer that question?) So I explained to her that we believe that the Bible has no errors, that yes, we believe in a 6 day creation etc. etc. After the end of a 20 minute conversation which I thought would end in....so when are your service times? She said that she was actually looking for a church that takes into account that the Bible was written by men and has errors in it...and that there are so many manuscripts it can't possibly be entirely true. I was flabbergasted on the phone. Why would you want to go to a church that doesn't know what is true/error in the Bible? I guess it makes it easier to excuse sin if the Bible isn't ENTIRELY true. Then she asked if I knew of any churches that taught that the Bible isn't true. Yikes. I didn't know how to answer her!

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