Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Noah loves the new Bumbo seat that grandma brought down from Pretoria....except that he always loses his toys on the ground....(this photo is of him looking down at his Pooh rattle that fell!) so Clint came up with the solution:

And he put the rattles smack dab on his feet! He loves it!

I went down to the baby Expo at the International Durban Convention Centre (ICC) this weekend where Noah's grandma Anne had a display for her Baby Buzniz. I've never seen so many babies, or baby stuff in my life! Noah's super blessed to have a grandma that does nurseries! Baby Buzniz booth:

Noah and grandma Anne at the Expo. Noah doesn't like to suck his thumb, but he LOVES his WHOLE hand!

Noah and I taking a break after a long day of shopping at the baby Expo!

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HaysHitzeroth said...

That is an ingenious idea -- rattles on the feet :) My mom bought Georgie some sock rattles. She's not into them yet but I know it's coming. :)
Georgie loves her fist too! not the thumb but the whole fist! It's so funny! You and Noah look adorable :)