Sunday, September 23, 2007

Noah is a morning person

Clint and I aren't morning people. We can stay up super late, but when it comes to the mornings, thats a different story! Every morning I wake up groggy to Noah laughing and squealing away in his crib, and I go to get him to feed him. Just as I am thinking...this is too early...surely its like 4am (its usually like 6:30 or 7am) I peer into his crib...and its the best part of my day cause he greets me with this:
absolutely GYNORMOUS smile. Like he's saying "Yay! It's mommy...time to get up!"

And after I feed him its his most talkative time of day. Gurgling and squealing like he's telling me all about what he wants to do for the day. I usually eat my breakfast (muslie and yogurt) while laughing at him chatting to me. Here's at 7:30 this morning!


Emily Ban said...

Isn't it funny that babies are so lively early in the morning while the rest of the adult world is barely functioning? I call Sammy "My Little Jumping Bean" in the morning because he's so energetic...ready to crawl a marathon.Even though I'm not a morning person I can't help but smile when I greet him in the morning because he's so cheery and cute!Who needs coffee when you've got a baby to liven things up?! : )

HaysHitzeroth said...

Mornings are the best for Georgie too! She's so much more talkative and 'laughy' then. I love that video of Noah. I can't wait for Georgie to get more vocal like that!

Van Straaten Family said...

he changed so much! He is so cute!! I miss you so much my friend!

Amanda said...

Aww..I can't get over how cute he is! How are you doing? Miss you guys!