Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Introducing: Noah Knightley Archer
Born on: May 5, 2007
Weight: 3.46kgs or 7lbs 10oz
Length: 55cm

This photo was taken 1 minute after he was born! After my water's breaking, 14 hours of labor, including an epidural and being induced as well, I had an emergency c-section because his little head just didn't want to drop! He was born with some bruises on his head and his eyes were swollen, but other than that....a healthy happy boy!

Proud daddy!

I love this face!

It's been so awesome bonding with this little guy, he's my love!


Van Straaten Family said...

O, Kim he is so cute and so handsome. I just want to give him a squeese. I love the pic's and you look so good on the picture for someone that have been throug all of that!!!!

Sarah! said...

Congratulations, you guys!!!!!
Changes your whole heart, doesn't it? It is so intense that I felt like crying and laughing and standing in silenced awe and whooping from a rooftop all at once.
Love, Sarah (for Brad and Atticus, too!)

HaysHitzeroth said...

Kim! He's so adorable. I love his little eyes. I'm totally crying in happiness. I agree with the Van Straatens -- you look really good for having been through all that!

andrea said...

kim, he is so cute! minus the water breaking part, that is the story of how trevor was born (i was induced first, then 17 hours later had the c-section!). hope your recovery is going well...i know it can be difficult recovering from surgery after you've labored for so long!

Emily Taylor said...

Yay!!! He is seriously the cutest little newborn baby I have ever seen! I am so happy for you both and I can't wait to see you very soon!