Saturday, May 12, 2007

Baby Africanisms

Daddy's favorite time: Burp time!

Noah learning how to hold his pacifier in his eared hoodie

Noah falling asleep to the music of his favorite Pooh Bear

So of all the "South Africanisms" I think "baby items" have the most differences.
I asked so many times for a diaper in the hospital...and nurses gave me blank stares!

So here is "Baby Africanisms 101"
Burp=Wind (You wind your baby not burp him!)
Diaper Rash Ointment=Bum Cream
Play Pen=Pack n Play

I am recovering well from my c-section, thank you for your prayers! I never even payed attention when people talked about having a c-section cause I thought it would never happen to me! I never realized I can't drive or pick up much of anything for 6 weeks, pretty crazy. But the Lord has been so good. I'm just glad that Noah is here safe and sound! I also never realized how quick it was. After going through so many hours of labor, and then them telling me I needed a c-section, within a half an hour I heard his little cry! He turned a week old today, and we took him on his "first excursion" to Mugg & Bean (a coffee shop) to take Clint's mom out for Mother's's the photo of his first car ride out on the town. I don't think he even knew he left home he was so sound asleep!


Van Straaten Family said...

I've been convinsed that girls are the most fun, but man this little guy is changing my thinking!

Van Straaten Family said...

O, Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!

HaysHitzeroth said...

He looks like he's bringing so much joy and fun to your lives! Glad you are recovering well! Happy mother's day :)

Beth Mack said...

My favorite baby Africanism is do-do. Ask Brian Beidebach to tell you his do-do story sometime. Its pretty funny. He thought the man living in the flat at their house was the most regular person he had ever met.