Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Being the church secretary, I used to have to go to the post office quite alot. Every week I would wait in a massively long line and finally get to the counter...only to be asked the same question...."can I have your ID number please?" an American, I don't have an ID number. Its kinda like a drivers license number, but even more important than that! I can't have an ID number, or a bank account number or anything that even remotely marks me as a South African until Clint and I are married for 5 years (coming up in October.) And so I always respond "I'm American....I don't have an ID number, can I give you my husbands?" Which is always met with this stare of disbelief...followed by a few seconds of humming, then finally "yeah, I guess so." Its like I'm the only person who's ever immigrated to this country from America?????

So yesterday this comes in the mail addressed to "Noah Archer" (his birth certificate) and low and behold HE has an ID number BEFORE ME!! So he is a South African Citizen now as well as an American. He even has a social security number and everything. We were actually hoping he'd be born on 05-06-07 (just because thats such a cool birthdate!) but he was born one day early. 05-05-07. I didn't realize what a blessing this will be for him until I was filling out his birth papers, and realized that it won't matter how he fills out paperwork, cause in America you write "Month-Day-Year," and in South Africa you write "Day-Month-Year" which is endlessly confusing. Clint's driver's license had his birthday wrong the whole time we were in America 'cause of this problem...but Noah will never have to go through that cause its 05-05! How cool is that?

Our first outing with the "Baby Bjorn"...we discovered its impossible to drink a cappuccino with these things on... (it should come on the warning label!)
Noah with his first "tie" on for church on Sunday


Ben and Melissa James said...

That's funny about the warning lable on the Baby Bjorn because our stroller (our first stroller...we now have 4) came with a warning label, something like "Do not drink hot beverages around this stroller". Something else that you'll discover about the Baby Bjorn as Noah gets older is as he get heavier it's REALLY hard to pick something up off the floor. You can't bend over, you have to squat then try to stand with and extra 15-20 lbs hanging off your front. It's like a little work out! I'd love to hear more stories and see more pics of Noah! How is he sleeping these days (nights)?

HaysHitzeroth said...

That is really cool about his birthday! What a blessing for him! I can't believe it will be 5 years for you guys in October. Crazy how time flies. :) Noah is quite the gentleman in his 'tie'. :)

Anonymous said...

Kim, I just got caught up on your blog! Congratulations on little Noah. He is beautiful & you look SO happy with him. It's that mommy-happiness! I praise God with you for your precious gift from God!

We will be getting our little Katherine from China soon! Can't wait! She is 10 months old!

Love to you!!!
Julie D.