Sunday, May 06, 2007


Clint writing: After 14 hours of labor, the Doctor called for an emergency Ceasarian insection (which I now now how to perform!). I got to wear those nifty scrubs like in ER. Step aside George Clooney. The Ceasarian is named after the first person delivered in that way. Ceasar (Augusts, I beleive) was due in a few days, but his mother fell off a horse and was dying. To ensure the heir to the empire was not lost, a brave doctor puled out what I imagine to be an unhygenic blade, and wet in to get the Emperor. So, like Ceasar, Noah was 'untimely riped from his mother's womb' as Shakespeare said. Which means Noah is qualified to slay MacBeth.
His middle name is for the character inJane Austen's Emma, who embodies al teh virtues of gentlemanliness. KIm and I both studied Austen at college and loved Mr. Knightley.

For the ladies
Noah weighs 3.5kg and is 55cm long. Kim will have to do the conversion to pounds and inches for you when she gets back in 3 days. I think its about 7.5 pounds. Either America needs to change tot he Metric ssystem, or (more likely) the whole world will need to stop being so stubborn and conform with US standards.

For the guys:
Dude, it was awesome! I was freaking out about Kim's pain. I asked for aenesthetic for me, but I think they thought I was joking. So I had to endure the labor with all my senses in tact. I am grateful for the health of the little tike, for the privilege of such a courageous wife, and for the fact that I am a pastor and not a surgeon! Blood belongs inside a person.

No pics yet. My wife is the blog-savy one. But if you e-mail me, I'll send you a couple. He looks just like any baby, only a bit more handsome.

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Andrew said...

Congratulations with your son's birth!! Great to hear about it! Will keep the three of you in my prayers.

You've anticipated his birth for the past few months ... now we will anticipate his rebirth when he gets a renewed mind to understand the things of the Holy Spirit!

God be with y'all!