Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! (To all those mothers, or soon to be mothers reading!)

Now how lucky am I that with Noah only 8 days old that its already Mother's Day? :) Noah (and Clint) woke me up with my first mother's day present! Noah was very good in church today, his first time hearing Clint preach. He didn't cry or make a peep, so I got to sit in the back with him and enjoy the whole service. I missed being in was good to be back so soon.

Clint's mom came for a week to visit Noah and help out with stuff around the house while I wasn't able to. My house is spotless and Clint well fed! Thank you, thank you! :) She goes home today....yikes, now I have to clean?! :) It was the first time Clint had to buy 2 mother's day cards!

Big yawn!

Noah in his dungarees

Oh another South Africanism: overalls are dungarees! :)


HaysHitzeroth said...

He looks more and more like you each day it seems like :) And he looks super cute in his dungarees.

cynthia said...

praise the Lord! where i have been?? you've had your baby! :) :) i love the picture of you kissing him. that intense love won't stop, trust me. it just grows and grows. :) congratulations to you both, and happy mother's day, too (to you)!

The Steinmeyer Family said...

Congratulations to the Archer family! We are very excited for all of you! You have a very handsome little boy!!