Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So Hillcrest has these days where you are literally walking around in a cloud. Its not cold at all, it feels like a beautiful day outside, but the mist rolls in in waves all around our house. This is in our back yard! Sometimes you can't even drive its so thick. Its so beautiful how it rolls in in waves. Makes you want to curl up with a White Chocolate Mocha and a good book huh?Our Misty Shtee house :)

So this week Clint and I have both been homesick. I don't know what it is, but we both really really miss Grace. So we've been feeling like the misty days where it suddenly rolls in unexpectedly. We've been fine. Really. And then all of a sudden we both miss home at the same time. I think its cause we've been listening to the Shepherd's Conference downloads. It makes you realize what you missed, and hearing all the voices preaching when you used to be part of the experience just soaking it up! Man ...Steve Lawson's sermon on Ezra was awesome. Actually when Clint's laptop was stolen he was more upset at the fact that I had listened to the Steve Lawson sermon before him and now it was gone!!

But the Lord has been doing some really amazing things here. I think 90 percent of the questions Clint gets asked here are about the charismatic gifts. Why do other churches speak in tounges? Are miracles for today? Most churches here are charistmatic, even if they are Baptist Churches. Take for example a church down the street from us named "His Church".... but it has a ......woman pastor. So everyone calls it "HER Church" tee hee. So when I miss home I think about all the people who desire a biblical church, and how in a small way we are effecting the kingdom for the gospel in this little corner of the earth.

Our cornerstone group is still going strong. Last week was a smaller group cause alot of people were at "matrik dance" or prom. But for those who came we talked about why evil is in the world if God is good. It went really really well. Thanks for praying!

Clint and Starbucks in our livingroom


HaysHitzeroth said...

I'm "Clint and Kim-sick". I think of you guys often and miss you. *sigh*.

clyde said...

hi kim and clint. it's good to read updates and see your wonderfully excellent photographs. i am sorry to read of the theft, and homesickness, but i am encouraged to remember how God is using you in SA. praise God from whom all blessings (and trials) flow.

John & Daisy said...

Hi Clint and Kim-Kim,
I love the beautiful photos you take Kim. You both really do live in a little bit of paradise down there. We were so sorry to hear about the theft and your homesickness. We prayed for you both last night for strength and encouragement. Love you both and we are so thrilled to see God using you in such a mighty way. Have a wonderful day.

paul yoon said...

charismatic questions, huh?
told you.

have you lost weight?