Thursday, April 20, 2006


ok, so yesterday we get home, and notice that Starbucks, our kitty, is running around scott free, and there is no dog chasing after her. Hmm, this is a RARE occasion in the Archer household. We soon realized that the gate had jammed, and Geneva had escaped. Yikes

We spent ALL afternoon looking for her. Night came: NO Geneva. Morning came: No Geneva.
So I called all the vets and the SBCA (animal shelter): No Geneva.

We made these signs and put them EVERYWHERE in Hillcrest. I mean everywhere. And we prayed. Everyone told us she was probably stolen, especailly since she's still a puppy.

I made 35 signs, and the very very very last sign...I took to a vet in Hillcrest to put on their "lost" board today at around 3pm. The lady there said "I have that dog in my kennel" at the vet. And there was Geneva!! She was in the tinyest cage ever, but her whole body was wagging in excitement! We had been to like 10 vets, and the last one we checked, she was there! Our God is the best. It was so fun taking down the signs and people saying "aww, you found her!"

So needless to say, she is glad, and so are we, that she is back home chasing Starbucks around. (She's thinking about chasing her in this photo, can't you see the glare of excitement?) Although I don't think Starbucks is...


jrun said...

welcome home geneva! i was so sad when i saw the first photo in your post. glad to hear she's home safe and sound, chasing the kitty around! hope you and clint are well - miss you!

HaysHitzeroth said...

Poor Geneva. I'm so glad you found her. Sounds like she's a regular escape artist. Niz is so big now :)

pati said...

What an ordeal! I'm so happy she's home again. You need to train her how to find her way home!