Thursday, April 27, 2006


I don't know if you know this, but the seasons are opposite in South Africa. So right now its turning into Autumn, not Spring. The nights are getting colder, the stars are brighter, and the days are windy, not humid. Autumn is my favorite season. But what is weird is that...well, for instance, all the shops around Easter had "Spring" Easter bunnies and little chicks hatching and stuff. Chicks hatch in spring, not fall. And, for another example...around Christmas time the stores have snowflakes up and they sell fake snow and twinkle lights, but its 100 degrees out cause its summer. It boggles my mind.
One of my favorite parts of Fall is the pumpkin spice latte, and pumpkin carving contests, and all the Autumn leaves etc. Man, I miss Starbucks. Nuts! But, Autumn here has its own charm. The stars here are amazing in Autumn cause all the wind blows the mist away. You can see the ocean from everywhere you drive (seriously!) and all the ships and everything cause the air is soooo crisp and clean. I love fall.

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John & Daisy said...


That sounds really nice. I love the fall. I always think of your wedding flowers they were so beautiful! Hey, I talked to Heidi last night! I can't believe the way Brock proposed it was like that book "The wedding"! She is getting married at McCormick! My drive will now be an extra 2 minutes long :) Hey can you e-mail me your address? I updated our blog so hope you stop by and drop a line.

love you,