Thursday, April 06, 2006


So recently I have been answering the phone for Clint to free him up so he can study. Since our home phone is the church phone, we get alot of funny phone calls from people that look up a Baptist Church in the phone book.

Typical phone call this week:

Me: Hello, this is Kim speaking
Phone: Hello is this Hillcrest Baptist Church?
Me: Yes, can I help you with something?
Phone: Yes, is your daddy, the pastor there?
Me: Oh, you mean my HUSBAND the pastor?
Phone: Uh, your Husband? Yeah.....uh, I wanted the pastor. Can I speak with him?

I don't now if they are picturing that all pastors are old, or if my American accent throws them off, but its happened 3x this week alone!

So these are the wooden floors in our livingroom! They just pulled up the carpet to reveal these beautiful floors! I am standing at our diningroom table (you can see the wooden chair) and looking out into our livingroom, the fireplace is on the left, and a door to the hallway and front door on the right. This is where our Bible Study meets, and where the Members meetings happen etc. We just bring in tons of chairs and move the couch back to hold everyone!!! We've had 3 meetings alone here this week, so needless to say, alot of moving of chairs! :)

Thanks for all your "updates" from you all in LA! We are feeling a bit less "homesick" today! The Lord is good, and His Word is ever sure, restoring the soul!

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Van Straaten Family said...

Hey look at those higly polished floors - I can pull a "Kramer with ease" I miss you guys since our neighbors upstairs from us (i.e.our Canadian neighbors) have slippery floors too so I can pull a "Kramer" on them without injury but they're not as keen as you guys were letting me burst in without knocking - What is happening to society? So I pull a "Cable-guy" on them ...I yell before entering.