Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Everyone complains about the crime in Africa

Ok, so i haven't updated this in forever cause Clints laptop was stolen out of our home last Thursday!! We left at 7:30pm to go to a friends house for dinner, set the house alarm, and at 7:34 we got a call from the security company that our alarm had gone off. We thought it was just our kitten setting it off, but got home, and they had opened a window, busted through the burglar bars, grabbed my kitchen knife (no joke) walked down the hall, (alarm would be going off by now!) and grabbed Clint's laptop that we got like 5 months ago, along with our 2 backups and jetted. Yikes. Clint had just finished his sermons, and had to start from scratch on Friday morning. The only thing I could think was "MY PHOTOS!!!!" They stole the backups. Nuts. Oh, and the funniest moment of the night is when we called the cops to come investigate they said "we are a little busy tonight, do you mind walking (next door mind you) to the police station to file a report?" Hmm, not much help there.

We went looking for the same laptop this week, and they are double the price here. Its actually cheaper to fly to the states and get a laptop! But the Lord is good. We weren't harmed. He is omnicient and knew from the foundation of the world that our laptop would get stolen. :) We are sleeping just fine. I've actually gotten broken into 2x in LA. Everyone was so worried that I would freak out about Africa's crime. I told them LAs crime is the same. Sin is sin no matter where you live.

But our first "SASCV" went great! 15 students showed up, including 2 guys that were in re-hab. One of them asked "what to Christians think of unbelievers" so Clint got to share the gospel with him, explaining that we were all once enemies of God. It was really great. We had a fellowship night the next week where we watched the CNN Larry King Live thing with MacArthur on what happens when people die? Everyone really enjoyed it. Students are now asking us to go out for coffee after evening service, so life is becoming a bit more like it was before! Bryan (the new believer) is growing so much, its so awesome to see him grow and ask questions about the Bible.

We had a "membership" meeting at our house Saturday Morning where 12 people showed up, and 6 of them were young married couples. Wow. The Lord is answering our prayers! People our own age! Yippee

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Emily Taylor said...

Wow, God is good, I am glad that you guys are ok, sorry about the computer though. I am glad to hear that your ministry is going so well, it is an answer to prayer. I miss you guys.

Love ya!