Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SCV 2...well almost!

Missing you guys this week! (Photo of our last SCV memory in LA, Sharkys!)

Cause. . . we are starting an SCV, just South African Style! We advertised it for a few weeks in our church announcements, and about 20 people are going to come to our first "young adults" Bible study! We are naming it "Cornerstone" cause...well, I think you'll get the theme:

Pebbles: Grade 1-3
Rockies: Grade 4-6
Foundations: Jr. High/Early Highschool
Cornerstone: Our GROUP! 17 through young working adults

It won't be quite the same cause Clint will be doing more of a "discussion" rather than preaching...which is easier for him cause he preaches 2x a week now...and better for them cause we don't know the spiritual maturity of these guys, or even if they are believers! And instead of the Niednagels, it'll meet in our home. Sooo please be praying for us! Aww, I'll definately miss the Paul Yoon band!

Ok, to a more trivial subject, I turned on the t.v. tonight at 8:00pm to see what was on.
Station 1: in Zulu
Station 2: in Zulu
Station 3: South African soap opera
Station 4: WWWF Wrestling
Station 5: oh, there are no more stations, NUTS!.

Why do we even have a TV? To add injury to insult everyone in S.A. has to pay 200 rand for a tv license every year, it's the law. (50 bucks) Really? Is it worth it?


Sara B said...

man.. look at those hotties in that picture!! :P

I miss you guys too!

Excited to hear that you guys are starting up SCV SA style. Who's gonna be Clint's Phil Johnson?

oh, and have you seen Phil Johnson's blog? it's, just in case you're interested...

pati said...

cancel your TV! just have a DVD player so you can watch the new pride and prejudice movie with kiera knightley. it was so so good!

John & Daisy said...

Hi Kim Kim,

It has been so much fun reading your blog weekly. I have added a few things to ours but I am waiting to put a lot of it on because we are moving in two weeks! We won the housing lottery in Camarillo which means we can buy a condo for $235,000.00 instead of $400,000.00 in the new Village at the Park area.

We are so blessed and excited to use our new place for our Bible Study and get togethers. The beach looks so beautiful there! I am glad everything is going so well. We will continue to pray for you both :)