Monday, March 13, 2006

South Africa makes historic win in CRICKET!!

Ok, so I saw the most amazing Cricket game ever. And it was my first cricket game I've ever seen! It happened to be a world record game. Austrialia had a score of 438, which broke the world record, and then South Africa came back the next day, and broke that record to beat them by ONE 439! So cool. Its like a baseball game where its at the bottom of the ninth and the score is like 50 to 50, with 2 outs. Here's the google story:

South Africa's newspapers were on Monday celebrating their team's remarkable victory over Australia.
Almost every newspaper in the country led with Sunday's historic one-day international at the Wanderers.
Australia broke the world record for the highest team score in an ODI by posting 434, and then South Africa amazingly chased it down to set a new record and claim a 3-2 series victory.
Not only was it a record-breaking match but the local press revelled in the fact it went some way to avenging their 1999 World Cup semi-final exit to Australia, which led to the Proteas being labelled 'chokers'.
"438/9 - Choke on this, Aussies!" read Johannesburg newspaper The Star, which recorded Sunday's success with a bold green and gold headline proclaiming the score.
The newspaper went further in its sport section with a massive full broadsheet page picture of man-of-the-match Herschelle Gibbs blowing kisses to the Wanderers crowd with a golden headline "Glory".
"Seldom in this country's sporting history could victory have been greater. Seldom in the history of one-day cricket has there been a better match. In fact, there probably never has been," the newspaper's correspondent Stuart Hess wrote of the match.

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