Friday, January 13, 2006

Thanks to all of you whow prayed for us and the youth conference! It was down at the south coast and there were 15 students who were involved in "Africa Quest" through a missions organization doing missions/humanitarian work, and they had a retreat where Clint was the speaker. At first Clint just walked them through a high view of God and the gospel cause we didn't know where they stood. Later on we discovered (through alot of their questions) that they were just recently taught by a guy in Zambia that demons are basically everywhere and in everything (that they can attack your thoughts, get you to sin, etc) and one girl got "attacked by demons" while in Zambia. So Clint changed everything and did basic bible studies on their questions (deamons, tounges, baptism of the holy spirit, how the bible has one meaning (not what it means to you) etc. It was really great cause at the beginning there was ALOT of tention in the room. But towards the end they were responsive, and seemed to listen. I think the key lesson Clint did was how to study your bible. Cause then from there when he read passages they could see for themselves what the Bible says about Satan etc. It was really awesome! It was great to spend time with students again as well, and to sing songs that were familiar with them(In Christ Alone, Let Everything that has Breath etc.) Several students said that they didn't ever look up topics in scripture and study them in depth, and were talking about doing it themselves. Praise HIM!!

Oh, yeah and we got our dog Geneva this week and took her with on the camp. The students loved her, and she now knows her name, and how to sit. :) She is a german shepherd cross with a Canadian timberwolf (like a husky) I'll have photos up when I'm not on dial up!

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christine_xo said...

how yas doin??
just wanted ta say i put some pics of this new years on my blog so ya can every1 and how theve changed etc..
hope ya had a gud new year!!
love loads
christine xxx
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