Sunday, January 15, 2006

quote of the week

"We don't feed live tuna to the sharks, that would be UNethical" the lady told us this week at the UShaka Sea World. A couple of students took Clint and I to the Durban version of Sea World on my birthday, and we went to the shark feeding exhibit. They were hanging these dead pieces of fish in front of the sharks, and they weren't biting. We asked why they didn't feed them live fish, and she replied...But its UNETHICAL to feed live fish to sharks. Hmmm, what happens to tuna in the wild anyway? Shark food. Its amazing if you don't have the Bible as the basics for your ethics what conclusions you can come to. And Jesse you were right, the penguins are awesome.

Speaking of biting, there has been alot of "biting" going on in the Archer Abode this week. Turns out kittens and puppies really don't become friends if you bring them up from when they are really young. Yikes. :)

There were new visitors this morning at church who told Clint that on the way there, her young daughter asked her mom why they were going to church, she replied that she didn't know. They are Christians who haven't been going to church so long that they actually went to see why they should go. So what was the message that Clint had prepared for this week? The Nature of the Church. (The same one that was taught at SCV) How great is our God? They invited us for lunch to talk about it furthur (i.e. why do you become a member etc) The Lord answered her question the very week that they visited. Soo coool how providencial that was.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Clint and Kim!

It's really good reading about your new adventures in South Africa! I miss you both very much. GCC just isn't the same.

I promise to write more now that I am starting a new semester (i.e. finals are months away!).

God bless you both. I'll email you soon.

David King