Saturday, January 21, 2006


So I’ve been thinking and praying about a place to serve at Hillcrest (. . . Kids? . . . Worship?. . . Young Adults?. . . Women?) and yesterday a lady shows up at our door asking if I could take over the bulletin ministry, visitors ministry, roster, and birthday card ministry. Wow. This is exactly what I did at SCV, and Clint and I were thinking it would be cool to “revamp” this ministry anyways, and I enjoy it! So how cool is our God! They also need a church secretary, and my name has been thrown around, so I’m thinking and praying about that.

We are planning on starting a young adults ministry soon, but only after the decons retreat, so more news on that should be coming soon...

Differences ministering in S.A. verses U.S.A. :

1. We are now ministering to older people instead of college students/working adults. So instead of finding out about their school or where they work, or who they are interested in! . . . its how old their kids are and how their marriage is, and even their grandkids. :)
2. To get anywhere involves driving stick. For Kim that’s a weighty statement!
3. Often we get labeled a “MacArthurite” and we never really know if in their eyes it’s a good or a bad thing. We’ve experienced both. It usually takes several times meeting them before you know.
4. Driving more than 5-10 minutes to church seems out of the question here, although…. there are 2 couples driving 20-30 minutes to Hillcrest cause it’s the only Bible preaching church around. They asked if they can still become members cause they live “so far away!” Hmm, if that were the case at Grace 90% of the church would be empty if you didn’t include the Santa Clarita members who drive 20 min, or in traffic, an hour.
5. Lets talk about the weather. Here, instead of asking how your day went, you would usually have a conversation breaker about the weather. I must admit, it is an eventful topic of conversation. For example, yesterday it was 95 and humid and today massive lightning and thunder and 60. Summer rain is weird!
6. The church usually doesn’t communicate via email, cause internet here is slow. So EVERYONE SMS’es (Text Messages) including prayer requests, meeting times and everything on via cell phone. My inbox is only full of emails from America, not SA!
7. Some people put more effort into their gardens here than their homes. They have the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. So usually when you come over for dinner, you will sit in their garden, under a thatch roof. (roof made of straw) It’s really awesome. I’ve watched 5 thunderstorms this way.
8. The “40 days of purpose” Rick Warren movement out here is pretty big. Although most people who try it spit it out before 40 days is up.
9. Usually people are pretty shocked when we tell them we’ve moved here from California. They look at us bewildered… why? It’s a great way to share the gospel. We’ve had sooo many workers working on our house (plummers, telephone, internet,) and its been a great door for the gospel. Accents can be a godsend. And so can 60 year old houses.
10. Finally, its been such a blessing living right behind the church. At first I thought it would be claustrophobic. But we’ve had so many “drop by” visits, and chats, and visiting pastors, that it’s been a great way to know people quickly.

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