Monday, January 02, 2006

Hillcrest Photos! (Finally!)

This is Kim and Veon, the couple that hosted us the first 3 weeks that we arrived in Hillcrest. They are so sweet and took really good care of us in their beautiful home!

These are the kids at Hillcrest Baptist who put on a Christmas Play with shepherds and angels and everything. These were the shepherds, it was super super cute.

Clint shares the gospel after the christmas play to all the watching parents and visitors

Kerry drove down to Durbs to visit us and her mom! She brought with her Matt Floreen and a couple of others from Brian Bietebach's church. It was so good to sit and have coffee with her! She got to come to one of the services at Hillcrest & we will prob. be seeing alot of her. It was refreshing to have coffee with fellow believers who are around our age. We are sitting at a restaurant that overlooks the valley of 1000 hills, which is like 10 minutes from the church.

This is our livingroom! We just got these couches at an after christmas sale. Its starting to look and feel more like our home now.

Merry Christmas! Our first Christmas in our new home. We moved in 5 days before Christmas and Clint's dad came down to help us get our home together, and brought down a tree! People in the church gave us some housewarming gifts as christmas presents. My favorite gift was a coffee press, so we could drink all the starbucks that Tyler and Scott gave us on Christmas! Thanks guys!

This is the new ARCHER mobile. Its a VW citi golf. If you want to see more photos go to A decon in the church works for VW got us a good deal, but ironically the day we drove it home it wouldn't accept any fuel! It kept spilling out! So we had to take it back the next day. The Lord is keeping us humble :)

This is our kitty Starbucks! She looks like a cup of coffee (tan and black) They found her in a plastic bag on the side of the road, so we got her really really young. She loves to sleep on my shoulder, and pounces everything. I think she knocked down our Christmas tree every day.

And....this is our house! We are busy painting the inside of it. We are almost done with Clint's office (its like a burnt orange color) to make it more warm. The whole inside of the house is peach at the moment, so we are slowly going to paint each room. Its hard work!! But we are excited to finally be "home" and make it more like our home. It is just behind the church, so its fun leaving at 8:59 to make it to church by 9:00.

That's all for today! Please email us to let us know how you are doing and what the Lord is teaching you and how He is growing you to be more like Him! Clint is preaching through the Attributes of God, so its been a great reminder of how He is so much bigger and better than us, and is bigger and better than our plans! Praise Him today!


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