Saturday, January 07, 2006


Hey guys! Just asking for prayer as next week we are going down the coast and Clint is going to be speaking at a "youth camp" for 18-20 year olds who are all over the map theologically. Pray that we would both have an impact in these students lives for the 3 days that we will be spending time with them, and that His gospel with go forth! They are all students from England who are down in South Africa doing humanitarian work, and a guy in our church organized this Camp for Clint to preach 8 times in 4 days (yikes!) So we don't know if they are believers, or where they stand before Christ. So pray for wisdom.

We just got back from an awesome pastors conference where we were with alot of the missionaries from Grace lapping up the Word. The preaching was great, and convicting. Praise the Lord for his servants!

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pati said...

Hi Kim!! Just saw all your looks so beautiful! Your house is so cute! Keep posting more pictures!!