Monday, October 17, 2011


For the last year every Wednesday I would take Noah to playball where they learn "ball skills." It's really been great for him, cause he's not really the sporty type (I usually have to encourage him to go outside and play rather than be read to etc). But over the course of the year he's really grown to like it.
The coach behind Noah is Nick, and he would say things that at first were confusing to Noah, but now make him laugh. Like he'd say "if you don't get the ball in the goal I'll throw you in the trash bin" and Noah would look at me and say "really?" but now he just knows to laugh.
He's one of the youngest kids there, so it's cute to watch him learn new skills, and fun for me to learn what to teach him at home. Now we do hopscotch and jumping and hockey and other things outside every week.
We are taking a break till the new year cause I can't drive him to practice after my Ceasar for 6 weeks, but we will probably pick it up again in January. He's my cute superstar.

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