Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jack Sparrow, number 1

Noah and Auts and I went to a pet shop to get a ball for our dog Spurgeon, and we came back with...Jack Sparrow the fish. Noah and Autumn came up with the name, cause they reckoned a Japanese fighting fish fights just like a pirate. My kids have never seen the movie, they just somehow know that Jack Sparrow is REALLY cool, and a pirate :)

They often climb up on the counter with some kind of string and pretend to "fish" off the edge of the counter, and then talk about Jack Sparrow
Autumn will lie down and look at him and get excited when he moves

It's bonded their little friendship

The day we took these photos Jack Sparrow was found outside his bowl, he jumped out! Clint says he commited hari kiri. So we had to bury him and get another Jack Sparrow. It didn't seem to bother the kids too much they were excited to go back to the pet shop. Whew.


Robyn said...

That's adorable!

Melissa said...

oh my goodness i can relate to this post in so many ways...

first we went through 3 beta fish. one just randomnly died but two jumped their bowls. i had the exact same bowl as you and since it doesnt have a lid or anything, they jump out...

we now have a standard goldfish actually in a fish bowl with a lid. been a few months now and no jumping!

cael LOVES pirates and jack sparrow too. he hasnt seen the movies either and he just lovesloves jack sparrow; thinks he's the coolest!